As the Singing Stones Community scatters to the wind and pollinates anew, my family remains in gratitude to everyone in the Community who made our three years there a magical time. The relationships, and the irrevocable path to parenting we discovered will forever be a part of our lives.     

My deepest apologies for the delay in the release of the books. With our families departure and the circumstances of the school’s closure, there was never a good time to release the book to the Community.

Special thanks for the additional photography provided by the Community, most especially, Gardening Teacher, Cari Bream for her photography and the previous years’ yearbooks which were the creative light that inspired these books.    

Warm regards,

Quentin Bacon
Volunteer Parent - Photographer




As always, every effort was made to capture and place a photo of each child.  It’s a daunting task considering the number of children in attendance through 2015-2017. 

As it became clear that the 2016-2017 book would be the last yearbook created for Singing Stones, I made the conscious choice to let the book be the most comprehensive story it could be.  Consequently, the 2016-2017 book is quite large and beyond the cost that seems prudent for a school yearbook, $140.  I think when you see the story of our time together, you’ll agree it was worth sharing in its fullest form.  It is a testament to the simplest of ideas.  When all members of a Community truly place the needs of children first, the unity, purpose and dedication within a Community can be extraordinary.

To accommodate everyone’s budgetary needs, I’m providing the books in two versions.  One as a fully printed book. Two, as a free, digital download you can view on a computer or mobile device or both. The mobile device download downloads the images direct to your device, via an app, rather than you having to figure out how to upload the photos to your device yourself.

The printed book is being provided at cost with no additional markup.  We did look into alternative printing, self-binding methods, etc.  With so many pages and the need for self-service purchasing, we found no better option.




Book orders are being managed directly from the printer's website,  Blurb is a well-established, consumer dedicated, photo-book printing service.  There is no mark-up on either book.  The books will remain available for purchase until December 31, 2019.

Each book has its own sales page on Click each book below to go to its individual sales page. There you may also preview the book by clicking on the pages. If you’re purchasing both books, you’ll need to go back and forth from this page to the page to add both books to your shopping cart.     


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Do not purchase the PDF from Blurb. It is being provided as a download at the bellow links.


PURCHASE DISCOUNTS offers a variety of discounts when subscribing to their email. You can also receive a “volume discount" of 30% with a purchase of 4 or more books. This can be any combination of books, so you only need to organize with one or two families to achieve the 4 book total.

An alternative, or in addition to your printed book, the book is available for download as .jpeg images of each spread (two pages open together).  The image resolution is sized for mobile devices.

There are a variety of different ways to upload images to your mobile device.  The easiest solution I can offer is a photo app called "photo moments."  It's a bit buggy, but since you're going to use it only once or twice, I think the issues with the app shouldn't be a problem.  Be sure to create a dedicated folder on your device's photo gallery for the yearbook and move the photos to that folder after you download so the book doesn't get mixed up in your daily photos. 


Download direct to mobile device: Requires the download of the free mobile app “Photo Moments.”   2015-16    2016-17


Download to desktop computer:  2015-16     2016-17